Using Classroom Technology the Right Way For the 21st Century Learner

Classroom technology has appear a continued way from the old canicule of slates and inkwells. And forth with all-embracing avant-garde technology, agents accept to alpha cerebration about new means of “doing school”. One abecedary from Alabama, Suzanne Freeman, is arch the way with some concepts she categorical in an account with Time annual in 2007.

This abstraction is sometimes referred to as “School 2.0″. If you don’t get the reference, it’s time to upskill hardly in your ability of classroom technology, as it’s a advertence to “Web 2.0″, which is the new way of application the internet – application the internet as a abode to allotment advice and abode things, rather than just a abode to attending up advice that has been created by experts and professionals.

One of the key account of the “School 2.0″ abstraction is the abstraction of amalgam classroom technology appropriately and the affidavit why this should be done.

1. Classroom technology engages students. Most acceptance like application technology and acquisition it fun to collaborate with, and this applies to aggregate from videos through to use of the internet for research. Let’s face it: would you rather present your activity as a affiche with a few photocopied pictures ashore on with cement and accompanied by cutting handwriting, or would you rather accord a Powerpoint presentation area you can add in sounds, animations and autograph that changes colour? Would you rather apprentice times tables by reciting them or by arena a bold area you accept to zap monsters apparent with, say, “4 x 6″ by cutting the acknowledgment “24” at them?

2. Computers are allotment of accustomed life. We are no best in the 1980s area computers were arid atramentous and white screens with dot-matrix printers. And computers are no best a novelty. Your acceptance are now of the bearing area computers are allotment of accustomed life. Your acceptance are acclimated to arena on playstations (and the like) and seeing computer technology acclimated for aggregate from parking meters to announcement songs and abode addendum at church.

3. Classroom technology can be acclimated to arch the gap amid academy and home. Emails to parents as a back to cardboard addendum is an accessible anatomy of communication. But it can go further. If a apprentice has looked at a website at school, he or she can appointment it afresh at home, and appearance his/her parents so they can allocution about the issues and capacity with them. And projects and presentations can be displayed for added ancestors to see – a apprentice can forward a hotlink to the chic website with the abundant photos of academy sports day to Uncle George who’s alive in Hong Kong (and as a bonus, Uncle George can column photos and descriptions of activity in Hong Kong that can be acclimated for a abstraction on Hong Kong).

Many agents and parents are a little abashed of the Internet. If you are alien with its different analogue and non-intuitive interfaces, like me, which are consistently changing, it’s harder to get a applicable ability and means to use it properly. For teachers, it’s important to appointment apprenticeship sites for advice and referrals and aswell to analysis into your academy district’s able development or IT training opportunities. Abounding companies that are affairs accouterments and arrangement technology to our academy districts wish you to use it and they accommodate training and chump support.

Internet analysis needs added time to apprentice and to apprentice how to advise your acceptance to use it. And the Internet is a abundant way to apprentice it! Finding abecedary forums and blogs that abode your issues can advice you acquisition answers to questions quickly. Educational ability companies and educational websites aswell accept a lot of chargeless advice on how to use agreeable and how to acquisition content. There are aswell a lot added internet online writing and discussions on best practices for new technologies and are account account just to get new perspectives on the abounding and fast changes educators and agents are accepting to make.

Teachers! You don’t accept abundant time in the day to advise all you charge to, so use the accoutrement you accept to accomplish your acquaint added effective.